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SC-Glenn & Pavel

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Video language: English

The best part, though, came when Jamie decided he wanted a dick in his ass too. Jamie got fucked hard, and with cocks in both ends, he was really loving it. Calvin and Oscar took turns passing him around and they just fucked the shit out of him...Jamie couldn't wait to get a big dick in his mouth, and neither could Calvin, as it turned out. The guys jumped right in and all bets were off... ass eating, two mouths on one dick, you name it! As they undressed each other I just couldn't help but stare at Ethan's large uncut cock hanging between his legs. I wonder how Donny felt as he pushed on Ethan, stretching his legs and thighs, all with that huge dick flopping around! This was going to be Donny's first time fucking a guy and he was kind enough to prepare Ethan for it.

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Peter & Curtis – Bareback

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Genres: Oral,Anal,Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, White
Video language: English

Peter and Curtis are both very playful. They had purchased some new toys and couldn’t wait to try them out.
“Let’s go fly a kite!” Curtis said with a smile.
“Are you sure you know how to put these together?” Peter asked once they got outside. They seemed to be struggling.
“I think I lost the directions,” Curtis admitted in his shy southern drawl.
“Well, you know, I just need a really strong man, with some big muscles to help me out!” Peter was purposefully trying to get Curtis to crack up, and it was working!
They were hitting it off really well, but it was obvious that Curtis was getting antsy. Apparently, he had somehow caught a prior glimpse of Peter’s big cock.

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BareTwinks – Patrick tears up Tommie’s Ass (Patrick Kennedy, Tommie Reed) 1080p

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Tommie Reed seems like an innocent boy at first but when matched up with Patrick Kennedy you'll find that he's more than experienced. They kiss passionately and suck each other off. Then these two boys fuck bareback like jackrabbits in all sorts of positions and don't stop until they are both covered in sweat and cum.

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Connor Maguire & Joseph Rough (Aug 27, 2014)

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Release Year: 2014
Genres: Anal, Oral Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Cumshots, Facial

Connor and Joseph are fully entangled on the couch, lip to lip, nipple to nipple, hand to crotch. Connor has a bit of hair on his face and torso; Joseph is young and smooth ... and eager to pull Connor's cock from the pouch of his briefs so he can sniff it, spit on it and swallow it.

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Swen Larson and Adrian Smallwood

суббота, августа 30, 2014

These sexy boys are looking for an escape... a hot fuck session will do the trick!

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Duration: 24:27
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Soccer-crazy pals relish a sweaty, high-octane suck-and-fuck-fest in their jocks!

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Cast: Shane Hirch, Yuri Adamov
Genres: Anal/Oral, Bareback, Cumshot, Facial, Fingering, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos, Twinks, Uncut
Video language: English

Our favourites Yuri Adamov and Shane Hirch may not exactly see eye to eye as to which South American national team is best – Brazil or Argentina – but there’s one thing they can agree on and that’s that there’s nothing hotter than a little man-on-man interaction in the locker-room, be it before, after or even during a game! A point that they’re only too willing to highlight to the entire world during the course of this truly spunktastic scene – and one that you will almost surely agree with without exception!

Mind, when you’ve got beauties like these two fellows to admire there’s little danger of a counter-argument, particularly when both lads are donning football kits and jockstraps and are each (quite evidently) as horny as fuck! Indeed, we defy anyone with even just a passing interest in gay porn not to have their dick in their hand by the time these guys are out of their strips and engaging in a fevered session of mutual cock-sucking; and chances are that a copious amount of jizz will have already been spilled even before young Adamov lands his twinkish frame down onto Hirch’s thick, manly, uncut dick!

Never fear, however – the energetic act of raw copulation that ensues is easily sufficient to warrant more than just the one load from you filthy-minded wankers. Indeed, the sight of Adamov being rigorously banged in a series of positions, before taking Hirch’s load on the lips, is more than enough to get even the most impotent of admirers into a veritable frenzy! All in all, a top-notch sporting classic that’s got oodles of cum written all over it!

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SC-Abe & Brent

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Video language: English

As they undressed each other I just couldn't help but stare at Ethan's large uncut cock hanging between his legs. I wonder how Donny felt as he pushed on Ethan, stretching his legs and thighs, all with that huge dick flopping around! This was going to be Donny's first time fucking a guy and he was kind enough to prepare Ethan for it.

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Sebastian Keys, Trent Bloom, Brock Rustin

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Release Year: 2012
Studio: ClubInfernoDungeon
Cast: Sebastian Keys, Trent Bloom, Brock Rustin
Genres: Fisting, Toys, Dildos, Ass Shot, Buttplay, Double Fisting, Jockstrap, Latex, Threesome, Rimming, Rosebud, Spitting, Tattoos, Kissing
Video language: English

Sebastian Keys and Brock Rustin are still going at it hard and heavy when Trent Bloom joins the action. The talented fist-pig grabs a huge dildo and rams it right up Brock's ass while Brock works his fist in and out of Sebastian's fresh hole. Sebastian knows that Trent's an infamous fisting bottom and he wants to see what all the hype is about. He jumps down and works his hand into Trent's hole. His anal probing drives Trent wild; he opens his hole and swallows Sebastian's fist and forearm. Before he realizes what's happening, Sebastian's entire arm is up Trent's ass to the elbow! Brock's ass has taken all the abuse it can for one day but Trent and Sebastian are just getting warmed up. They leave together to continue their assplay somewhere else.

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Duration: 19:32
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Wade and Ashton Fuck

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Helix Studios
Video language: English

These two hot homosexuals certainly know how to pleasure one another when it comes to getting rude and nude in front of the camera. You can see from the get go that these two gorgeous gays have a real lust for each other. After sharing a lot of kisses, the underwear comes off and the juice starts flowing. This scene is actually Wade's first and Ashton's second I think it's clear that the bliss experienced by both is more than enough to convince them back into the studio. If there is one thing we love above everything else here at 8Teenboy, it's fresh-faced, skinny American boys who love to give and receive as much cock as possible. Fingers crossed these naughty amateur twinks find their way back to our website, we can't wait to see them in action again.

Zeno Kostas Fucks Ian Dempsey

суббота, августа 30, 2014

Studio: Broke Staight Boys

Ian Dempsey and Zeno Kostas are back and sexy as ever! These boys are ready to fuck, and when they strip and make out, you just know this is going to be hot. They kiss, pressing their cocks against each other as and rubbing their dicks together before they 69, Ian sucking on Zeno’s big dick while Zeno gives Ian a rimjob, licking and sucking on that tight ass as he buries his face in it.

He fingers Ian’s asshole a little, getting him ready for what’s coming before they lube up, make out a little more and then get to the good stuff. Ian climbs on top of Zeno and sits that perfect ass right on top of Zeno’s hard, throbbing prick. He bounces up and down, taking that cock like an expert as he rides it hard. Zeno gets a little oral action between positions as Ian tastes his own ass on Zeno’s cock before standing up and bending over to bottom for Zeno again.

The chemistry between these two is amazing and they are both loving this as Zeno fucks Ian against the wall before laying him down on the bed and pounding that ass from every angle he can, fucking the jiz right out of him. When he’s about to cum he spreads Ian’s ass open and shoots his load between those perfect cheeks!

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:07
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